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How To Get A Job In Dubai Fast

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Why do people go to Dubai?

  • Fast growing economy
  • Zero tax rate for companies and employees
  • High salaries even for junior jobs
  • High level of security at any time of day
  • Stable currency exchange rate for 20 years
  • One of the best resorts in the world
  • Dubai became home to people of 203 nationalities

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What will you learn in this free course?

  • How to write an attractive CV?
  • How to get a job in Dubai remotely while at home?
  • Where to find a good company for work?
  • How to open a company in Dubai and the UAE?
  • How to save from 3000$ to 5000$ when moving?
  • The biggest mistakes when looking for work in Dubai
  • Interviews with those who have already moved due to the course




I’ve got a job in sales remotely due to the course and moved to Dubai. My office in the heart of Dubai close to Burj Khalifa. The employer covered expenses for the tickets, visa and other.

Thanks, Ivan!

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Ivan Budko: helps people to increase personal and Internet sales.


  • He has prepared speakers for the world-renowned conference TEDex
  • He has coached public speaking skills of politicians during election campaigns
  • Constantly is a guest on radio and television
  • Speaker at national and international festivals and conferences
  • He conducted his radio program at «New Wave» radio station
  • He was a partner and director of development at discount company

Motivational seminar in Dubai for government employees

More than 500 people on a master class about starting online business

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More than 500 people on a master class about starting online business